(about Frequently Asked Questions)

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Contract? Required! it covers "rules of the road" and other formalities that you'll need to agree to (view Contract)
Limo Capacities? 20, 13, 11, 8, 6 & 3?! (depending on Vehicle)
Rates? $100/hr - $210/hr (depending on Vehicle).    and 15% gratuity required. Reservations over 4 hours may be eligible for reduced rates.
Minimums? A 2hr minimum is required, but on Saturdays during the day a 3 hour minimum, Days with Dances may have a 4 hour minimum. Always call to check!
What's Included? Fuel, Soda or non-alcoholic Cider, and Bluetooth connection for Music are included in base price. We are always willing to try to accomodate requests!
Food? Is not allowed in the cars, but we will gladly take you to your favorite dining experience!
Drinks? We stock each event with Cider and Water, or Soda and Water. You may bring your own Adult Beverages as long as everyone in the car is 21 or older!
Music? All Cars have bluetooth connectivity. The party bus has unlimited Youtube and Youtube music which should cover all your interests!
Movies? The party bus has mobile wifi and 2 flat screen Tv's with Netflix, Youtube, and Amazon Prime to choose from!
Other Entertainment? As long as it's legal we are willing to accomodate!
Gas? Included in base rate
Payment? We gladly accept cash, Amex, Discover, MC, Visa, or Venmo.
Deposits? We can hold a card on file or you can provide $200 Cash deposit. The card won't be charged until the day of the event.
Cancellations? If a cancelation occures within 10 days of the event we will charge $200 fee.
Insurance? We are well insured with commercial coverage.

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