(about Frequently Asked Questions)

Question Information
Contract? Required! it covers "rules of the road" and other formalities that you'll need to agree to (view Contract)
Limo Capacities? 21, 14, 10, 6, & 1?! (depending on Vehicle)
Rates? $210/hr - $90/hr (depending on Vehicle).    Minimum and 15% gratuity required. Ask about our Day Rate (over 10hrs).
Minimums? In general a 2hr minimum is required, but on Saturdays between 10am and 5pm it's normally a 3 hour minimum, but for Proms and Dances it's a 4 hour minimum. Call and we will try hard to accommodate your needs.
What's Included? Fuel, Champagne, Soda or non-alcoholic Cider, and Music are included in base price ... even more is negotiable
Food? With enough warning and funding ... fair game spans air, land and sea
Drinks? Flexible packages are available
Music? Our library and/or yours
Movies? Our library and/or yours
Other Entertainment? We are always curious about what you have in mind
Gas? Included in base rate
Payment? Definitely required, cash preferred ... other accepted (Amex, Discover, MC, Visa)
Deposits? Yes
Cancellations? Yes, they happen and we'll be glad to call if something opens up at a time you wanted
Insurance? Absolutely (but deposits address over-enthusiasm and/or under-control)

Getting There is Half the Fun
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